4 days in hospital and I AM TIRED AF!

Newsletter #1:
Feb 02 2024

I'm biting the bullet and finally writing a newsletter!

And it's not all sunshine and rainbows; this week has been full of terrible sleep and a tonne of stress!

I’ve got three 18-month-olds circling me like a shark, but I’ve given them their morning snack, so that will keep them at bay for a few minutes.

I’ve been struggling to start a newsletter because I couldn’t see what value I might offer you; what would make someone want to open up an email about sleep amid the daily onslaught of promotional material and bills?

After some reflection, I'm throwing my imposter syndrome to the wind and choosing to do what I do best - just BE MYSELF!

Here we go,

Lian, your favourite sleep coach :)

Weekly Update

Four nights in the hospital, 3 hours of broken sleep.

It was a stressful and sleep-deprived week, and this is how I'm going to come back from it.

This week, one of our triplets, Max, spent four nights in the hospital with Pneumonia. A midnight trip to the Emergency Department (ED) led to 8 hours there, followed by a day in the intensive care Unit (ICU) and then three nights in the Pediatric Ward. I’m thankful to report that our little man is doing much better now, thanks to the care of the fantastic nurses and doctors at Whangarei Hospital.

My husband and I? We are both shattered from the lack of sleep. We took turns staying overnight in the hospital, and on both nights I was there, I had a total of 3 hours of broken sleep. Sharing a bed with Max and ensuring his breathing, feeding and observation cords were still in place (and not choking him).

The first time I left the hospital after one night of no sleep, I had the car in Drive instead of Reverse (thankfully, I realised just as I began to accelerate). The second time I drove home after another night of bugger-all sleep, I couldn’t even remember the drive and was relieved when I arrived home safely. I live 5 minutes from the hospital! It’s not even far. I couldn’t help but think about all of the people at the hospital who work shifts at night when their natural body clock wants to sleep, who then have to commute home. Living in Northland means a potential 1-2 hour drive for many people who don’t live in the central city.

The week has dragged on; the other kids have needed us to care for them, so life hasn’t stopped, and as the parents in the house, we are paying the price of a couple of nights of terrible sleep and a super stressful week.

So, what am I going to do about my sleep debt? How will I return to my baseline and stop this lingering tiredness and lack of motivation to get out of bed?

The only way to catch up on sleep debt is to sleep, so here are four strategies I will implement this week to get rid of sleep debt and help my body rest and recover from a big week.

My Top 4 strategies to catch up on sleep debt:

  1. Go to bed at least 60-90 minutes earlier. Have you ever felt worse after a sleep-in? The evidence is clear: going to bed early is far superior to sleeping in when reducing sleep debt.
  2. Take naps strategically. Having a 90-minute siesta while the triplets have their midday sleep will give me an excellent opportunity to catch up on some sleep debt. If I can't manage 90 mins, then a short 20-30-minute nap will help pep me up for the afternoon!
  3. Eat my planned meals. It's no surprise my everyday meals went out the window after being stuck in a hospital room with an 18-month-old and having bugger all sleep. Being in a routine with meals is vital for me to achieve my daily protein targets and feel satisfied. Living off snack foods at the hospital and eating irregularly has led to nagging indigestion, and I'm not about that life!
  4. Move my body. I'm getting signals left, right, and centre from my body that it needs to move, i.e. super sore and tight hips and lower back. Today, I'm going to head back to the gym (my quiet time and happy space) for a 30-minute easy session, and tomorrow, I've booked a nature walk with a friend first thing in the morning.

Sleep really is the recovery rockstar! It will help me get back to my baseline while recovering from a big week. Nourishing my body with food I love and movement I enjoy is going to boost that recovery, not only physically but emotionally and mentally too.

Oh gosh, it feels so good to be writing again! And I'm so glad that you are here to read this and stay connected.

I'll loop back next Friday with an update on my week and how I'm feeling.

In the meantime, check out a new resource I've created for anyone who wants to kick sleeps a$$ in 2024. I'm pretty proud of this one. It's taken me a lot of time and energy to get this together, and I hope it can help someone prioritise their sleep and master their sleep behaviours.

Until next time, sleep well and dream BIG!

Your favourite Sleep Coach,



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