But, isn't all stress bad?

Newsletter #6:
March 09 2024

Hello, my sleep friends

I'm trying something new today and giving you a little update via video link! Let's see how it works. On the topic of this week's newsletter, "Stress", I'm sharing what stressors I experienced this week (spoiler alert - it was a big one), what recovery practices I made sure to do and how it all panned out!

There may be some tales of broken toilets and cancelled flights included.


My weekly life update

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The infamous toilet...

Weekly Update

What is stress?

And how does recovery fit in?

3 Stress Facts

We all experience stress.
We all have the capacity to recovery from stress.
If we recover well, we can thrive.

A stressor is anything that disrupts your “status quo”. Stressors can appear in all parts of life and they affect can everyone differently.

Are stressors good or bad?

Stressors can be good or bad and the biggest indicator as to which kind of stress you’re experiencing is whether it helps build you up or it breaks you down.

Put simply, does it leave you better or worse than you were before?

Stress + Recovery = Growth

How we respond to stressors determines if that stress is good or bad for us.

It’s not always about reducing stress; sometimes, it’s about managing it better or seeking it out purposely to use it for growth.

Finding the right balance of stress and recovery can make us stronger, better and even smarter.

Recovery practices help our minds and bodies restore after experiencing stressors and general life. It’s our opportunity to fill the tank, either to refill and/or ensure there’s enough in there for what’s ahead. Like stressors, recovery practices are cumulative, compounding and interacting with each other.

We don’t always have control over our stressors, we may be grieving after the loss of a loved one or be experiencing sleep deprivation after the arrival of triplets (true story 🤣), and this is where being intentional about recovery is key.

Filling the tank, sustaining your wellbeing by protecting the things that matter and make a difference for you.

I’d encourage you to sit back and think about the stressors you have experienced today, this week, this month, this year.

What has been good?

What has been bad?

How well did you recover?

Are you filling your tank adequately?

If it’s a yes - well done!

If it’s a no, pick a five minute action you can take tomorrow and get started.

Sleep deeply and dream big!

Your favourite Sleep Coach,



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