The people closest to you bear the brunt of your tiredness. True story.

Newsletter #2:
Feb 11 2024

Weekly Update

Last week didn't quite go to plan

I’ll be honest; this is my second attempt at writing this week’s newsletter.

My first go was, well, a little bit glum! And I’m glad I let it sit in draft for a couple of days because it’s not the kind of content anyone wants to land in their inbox on a Sunday evening.

So, my friends, here is my weekly update!

Last week, I declared war on the sleep debt I had incurred from a short stint in hospital with one of the babies. I outlined my key strategies to smash that sleep debt out of my life and return refreshed and energised!

It was a real expectation vs reality week for me. The expectation was to execute my strategies to reduce sleep debt. The reality was work + life + side hustle goals cumulating into overwhelm, and my sleep plans to fade silently into the background.

The result = is an over-tired mum, struggling to shut down after a work day, snapping at everyone at home and seriously considering why I am pursuing a side hustle.

Why am I sharing this?

Because all of this was a result of being TIRED.

It impacted every part of my daily life.

And while I wish I could say I used my weekend to catch up on sleep, I attended a Hen’s Do in Auckland, which only propelled me further into the sleep hole (and I have zero regrets).

But I head into yet another week super tired, with another big one on the cards.

So, what will be different this week?

  • 9.30 pm lights out. This is 30 minutes earlier than usual, and it feels 8/10 easy for me to commit to this.
  • And I’ll be scheduling naps on my three non-work days. If I don’t schedule it - it won’t happen.

It is SO easy to put sleep at the bottom of your to-do list. To feel like other things are more important, my week is a testament to that.

Poor sleep touches every area of your life, and the people closest to you are the ones who bear the brunt of it.

So, don’t be like me this week!

Get your 7-9 hours in, and if you’re suffering from some sleep debt for one reason or another, prioritise that catch-up by going to bed early and having strategic naps.

I’ll be back next week to say hello.

Your favourite Sleep Coach,



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