Why having a Sleep Routine is MAGIC

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Newsletter #3:
Feb 16 2024

Hello, my sleep friends

Welcome to anyone new!

I am super excited to be back on schedule and posting my newsletters on a Friday.

This week, I got some great feedback from a couple of my work colleagues who have implemented some of my sleep tips. It was fantastic to hear that they had succeeded and improved their sleep. I love hearing these stories; if you have one, please send it through!

Today, I thought I’d share my thoughts on sleep routines and rituals.


Weekly Update

Sleep Routines and why I love them

Plus how they can change your life

Sleep routines don’t just promote deep sleep and set you up for a good day; they allow you to be intentional and add meaning and purpose to everyday actions.

I am a massive fan of creating sleep routines before bed (pre-sleep) and when you wake up. Routines create structure, and if we include the right actions within our routines, they can promote sleep, help us unwind from our days, prepare for the next day and set us up for great success. On top of that, they are FREE and can have a powerful impact on your sleep TODAY!

One of the most significant opportunities of a routine is to include rituals. A ritual is an action in which we create intention and meaning. Any of your actions could become a ritual, but some lend themselves a little easier to the cause.

My Challenge

When crafting my pre-sleep routine, I knew I sometimes found it difficult to fall asleep because my mind was racing. Most of the time, I think about work, but other times, it is about my family, our future, and general things that are going on in my life.

I knew I needed to ensure my pre-sleep routine would help me wind down and get those thoughts out so that I wasn’t lying there thinking about them going to sleep.

The Experiment

To wind down before bed, I chose to try journaling, and I experimented with this like I do everything. I started free journaling, which is writing down my thoughts, not trying to write anything specifically, just letting it flow out. Journalling eventually morphed into writing poems, something I often did as a teenager. I absolutely loved it, and it’s given me something to look forward to at bedtime.

The Reflection

I found journalling and writing poems really therapeutic, and my bedtime overthinking almost disappeared overnight. I am a big believer in noticing and naming feelings we are experiencing. Until we know what they are, our brain doesn’t know what to do with them, and they can keep us stuck in a bit of a “blah” state. By writing out how I felt and what I was experiencing at that moment, I acknowledge it, allowing my mind and body to observe and process it. I have found this extremely powerful.

Your Sleep Rituals are Unique to You

The ultimate sleep routine includes rituals that enhance your well-being and can look so many different ways for different people. It’s all about experimenting and finding out what works for you. It may not stay the same once you’ve found your “thing” because, as we all know, life changes, which means our routines and rituals do too. Embrace what you need for the season of life you are in.

There are many things you may wish to include in your sleep routine; here are some of my other favourites before bed:

  • Powerdown time: Ditching technology 30-60 minutes before bed.
  • Shower & Skincare: Showering in candlelight with music and then doing my skincare routine, including delicious smelling products - so much self-care and wind down.
  • Reading: I read a fiction book on my Kindle before bed so I can have the lights off. I love reading, and I’m looking forward to the book.

And when I wake up:

  • Opening the curtains: Exposing my eyes to light as soon as possible (sometimes this has to be my phone).
  • Coffee in bed: Does any more need to be said?
  • Skincare and Outfit: Getting ready for the day before my kids wake up! I always feel much better when I am comfortable and like what I wear (and when my face is fresh!)

These are some ideas, but there are SO MANY things that you might include in your sleep routine - there is no right or wrong!

Here’s a summary of today’s novel:

  • A ritual is an action or habit that you intentionally attach meaning or purpose to
  • Experiment with your pre-sleep and morning routine
  • Make it unique to you, identify what challenges may exist around sleep and build in rituals to combat them
  • Making a sleep routine is FREE, and you can start TODAY

My final tip on sleep routines is to view your pre-sleep routine as the START of your day. Yes, you read that correctly.

Our days - or at least who we show up as each day - are governed by how much sleep we’ve had (and the quality of it). Viewing the start of your pre-sleep routine as the beginning of your day, can help you prioritise going to sleep and signifies the connection between your sleep and your following day.

Show up for yourself by setting a sleep routine. You’ll thank yourself for it.

Your favourite Sleep Coach,



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